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The Fergus Falls Monument Company has been helping people memorialize their loved ones for over 125 years. We offer the perfect combination of talented craftsmanship, distinctive memorials and quality customer service. We take pride in our ability to produce beautiful yet affordably priced memorials.


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To provide the highest quality memorial for the most reasonable price with an emphasis on total customer satisfaction.



Fergus Falls Monument Company historySince 1883, the Fergus Falls Monument Company has been in business in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.


In the late 1800’s Martin T. Nelson and T.H. Thoreson started a coal and lumberyard, which later developed into a profitable business. They also started a monument business, right alongside their coal yard at 219 E. Lincoln Avenue. When Mr. Thoreson died, Mr. Nelson ran both businesses but after a few years, decided it was too much to handle alone and sold out to Ben Molstre.


After a few hard years, Ben decided to sell in 1922. The buyers were Carrol Wesland and Mr. Karlson, who managed to get the monument business really going. Before they sold out in 1938, they installed an electric crane and modernized the air tools.


Fergus Falls Monument Company historyFor the next nine years, Knute Hanson and Ted Norman managed the business. They sold many beautiful monuments, some that took five men working seven or eight days to finish. In 1947, they sold the business to two brothers, Elmer and Charles Johnson.


After a few years, Elmer decided to leave the business, so he sold his share to another brother, Albert. Albert and Charles worked together until 1949 when they sold out to Earl Phillips.


Mr. Phillips ran into some trouble with the business and after only three years of ownership, sold it to the Welle brothers.

                                                                                                                                                                    Ralph& Betty Welle , Gilbert Welle

Fergus Falls Monument Company historyRalph and Gilbert Welle successfully increased sales and manpower to the point that the Fergus Falls Monument Company became well known in certain areas in the tri-state region. In 1961, Gilbert had a heart attack and passed away. Ralph continued to manage the business until 1970 when he was killed in a car accident.


Fergus Falls Monument Company historyAt that time Ralph’s sons, Bob and Tom Welle managed the Fergus Falls Monument Company and did so for 44 years. They moved to their new location on Pebble Lake Road in 1977. By the end of 2013, Bob and Tom decided it was time to see what the next generation could bring to the family owned company.


Bob’s sons Ryan and Mike now run the operations. Along with key employees, they strive to maintain the reputation established of offering high quality at an affordable price. 


Tom Welle | Fergus Falls Monument Company

Tom Welle

Bob Welle | Fergus Falls Monument Company

Bob Welle

Ryan and Michael Welle | Fergus Falls Monument Company

Ryan and Michael Welle