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Alexandria Veteran's Memorial

Fergus Falls Monument was invited to help design and erect the first phase of the Alexandria Veterans Memorial. Fergus Falls Monument is very excited to be a part of this Veterans Memorial. We will use domestic and imported granite to construct the centerpiece. The Centerpiece will include a full scale replica of the Liberty Bell and a pentagon base. The Pillars will have names of veterans in each of the major conflicts back to the civil war. There will be a wall of granite and on that wall will be names of people and businesses who donate to the Veterans Memorial.

As the project gets further along, updates will be provided.

Alexandria Veterans Memorial by Fergus Monument

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Anticipating Grief: Honoring and Caring for a Terminally Ill Loved One

Some people die suddenly and unexpectedly; others decline gradually and slowly, passing away in their own time. A loved one with a terminal illness may appear to be disappearing in front of your eyes as parts of their personality and identity fade.

When their death is a foregone conclusion, friends and family members may experience a painful, awkward form of bereavement often referred to as anticipatory grief. A dying friend or relative may linger for years existing as a mere shell of the person they were, leaving those closest to them to mourn slowly and come to grips with a dual loss - the loss of the person they used to be and the anticipated death of their physical self.

Grief doesn’t just happen when someone dies. It unfolds slowly before death, eliciting a complicated interplay of emotions that may include anger, sadness, depression and guilt. Working through these feelings is part of coming to terms with the inevitable, not only the impending loss of someone near and dear but accepting what the inevitable.

The time remaining

Knowing that a loved one is dying means you only have an uncertain amount of time left to spend with them. Think through how you want to make the most of the time you have left, and how your loved one might want to spend it. You both may decide to have as much fun as you can, doing things you both like to do (to the extent it’s possible). Or, you might revisit practical matters, such as financial or funeral arrangements. Whatever you choose, be honest and open with each other, and don’t be afraid to share your feelings. Laughter and tears both have powerful emotional healing powers.

Anticipating, not giving up

The way you react to the situation should be based solely on the care and emotional support you provide for your loved one. Though terminally ill, they still need the reassurance of a comforting presence nearby. In other words, you’re not giving up on them in spite of what anticipatory grief implies. Meeting their emotional needs means focusing on caring, nurturing and seeing to it that you’re enjoying each other’s company. It can be a difficult line to walk: on one hand, you know there’s no recovery. On the other hand, you’re doing everything you can to keep up their spirits. There’s no need to feel guilty - you’re simply showing them loving support.

The signs

The symptoms of anticipatory grief are very similar to any other grief or sorrow you may have experienced. Your emotional responses may range from anger to a kind of numbness, which are simply normal responses to a very trying situation. It’s not unusual to feel as though you’re living a bad dream from which you can’t awaken. Some people obsess about how their loved one’s life may end, trying to prepare themselves for the pain that’s still to come.

Allow yourself to vent

It can be hard to understand or explain why you’re grieving for someone who’s still living. Many people choose to internalize their feelings. It’s important to express what you’re experiencing to someone close. Record your thoughts in a journal or with poetry or occupy your mind by coloring or reading. Creativity can help you transform your pain into something beautiful. Always remember to seek out a counselor if you can’t cope with what you’re feeling.

Meaningful time

Bringing home a terminally ill loved one can be an emotionally charged time in both the caregiver’s life and the final days of the patient. Coming home can bring a great deal of peace and comfort to a person looking at the end of their life. Spending meaningful time together can help ease their passing as well as your grief.



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Individual and Family Mausoleums

For years now the Fergus Falls Monument Company has worked with families from all over the country providing above ground mausoleums.  Because of the size of our company and our passion for creating quality monuments at an affordable price, we are able to be very competitive with pricing. Our customers find it refreshing to work with a company who takes such pride in our work, even when the location is hundreds of miles away from our main offices.

As a young boy my father would take me with to help create foundations at locations around the United States in preparation for the setting of a mausoleum.  I remember listening to my father work with families with the design and creation of their individualized memorials.  He always took the necessary steps to make sure that every step from A-Z was completed with a professional attitude.

At the time, my favorite part was exploring the new State and community I was in.  Not only did I get to spend time with my father, I got to see how different geographical locations designed and created monuments and memorials.  Fergus Falls Monument Co. has placed individual mausoleums in Texas, California, Arkansas, Chicago, and of course in different areas of Minnesota.

We have the capability to set monuments in, Alabama, Connecticut,  Mississippi, Arizona, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, Nevada, Virginia, Washington, Vermont , West Virginia, Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey, New Mexico , Pennsylvania, Rhode Island , North Dakota, Ohio  
Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Utah, Wisconsin, Kansas, Kentucky, North Carolina,  Oklahoma, Montana, New Hampshire,  Missouri,  New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Wyoming, Indiana, Iowa, Massachusetts, South Dakota,  Tennessee, Idaho, and Illinois.

In the future I hope Fergus Falls Monument has the opportunity to create our custom memorials in more of this Countries Beautiful States.

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Glass Etching

The other day I wrote up an order for a customer to do custom glass etching.  The project involved taking a door of glass and adding a hunting scene and custom border to the glass. 

Etching glass with compressed air and grit is similar to what we do when we create a design on our monuments.  The biggest difference is the pressure used to do the actual etching.

I have always enjoyed creating custom designs whether it is in granite or glass.  We have completed many custom design projects for customers in Alexandria, Fargo, Crookston, Pelican Rapids, Wahpeton, and Casselton. 

On the same topic, etching on mirrors is the same process.  It is more common to create border designs on mirrors for obvious reasons, but is still satisfying to see the result.

Although we are more familiar with larger projects involving mausoleums or veteran’s monuments, we always enjoy the smaller personalized projects.

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Mausoleum History

As co-owner of Fergus Falls Monument Co. and a third generation monument builder living in the North Central United States, I grew up visiting cemeteries on every family trip to virtually every state and country I have ever been to.  My cemetery visits around the world have shown me the relationship between time, economy and geography.  The history of mausoleums is quite fascinating and that is what I am focusing this blog on. 

As one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, the mausoleum created for king Mausolus in Turkey is where the modern word derived from.  Over time these large tombs most commonly used for peoples of great importance were downsized and available to nobility in many countries.  As Christianity became more common (when the Roman Empire chose Christianity as their official religion) the use of mausoleums became less so.  The only permitted method of disposing bodies was burial throughout most of Europe.   It wasn’t long before the wealthy and prominent peoples of many countries once again started using mausoleums for a resting place.

The two largest influences that gave way to the use of smaller Mausoleums for individual families were the establishment of acres of land for use in cemeteries around 1804 which became the norm spreading from France, and in 1861 when Queen Victoria made memorialization fashionable when Albert passed away.  These changes led to an economical demand for affordable above ground burial.

Although the mausoleum is an effective way to keep moisture from being an issue in areas like New Orleans, history points more towards tradition and fashion rather than functionality as being the factor in choosing above ground burial.



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Fergus Falls Monument gets new software

Fergus Falls Monument joins the 21st century with new software. Read More

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Ottertail County MN Veterans Memorial

In 2015 The Fergus Falls Monument company was approached to head up the design and construction of a new Veterans Memorial to be constructed in the Fergus Falls Veterans Park. Read More

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Grant County MN Veterans Memorial

Fergus Falls Monument Company has recently started on one of the largest Veterans Memorials they have erected to date. The Memorial itself will include granite benches, large granite brick display for individual names, 3 podiums with etchings will hold more names of veterans.  On the large brick display pieces, we will add large porcelain photos inset into the granite. The first phase of the project was completed in the summer of 2014.  Photos can be found at www.fergusmonument.com . The second phase is scheduled for the summer of 2015.

The Fergus Falls Monument Company, established in 1883, designs, letters and erects all large and small individual memorials, cemetery memorials, cemetery columbariums, Veterans memorials and dedication memorials.

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Lisbon Fire Department

Fergus Falls Monument Company designed and installed a commemorative dedication memorial for the Lisbon Fire Department.  We used 2 different artist renderings (Jim D. , Christian A.) and etched the images on Jet Black Granite.  The front picture had 2 firemen entering a door with smoke billowing out of it. The inscription was the “Fireman’s Prayer” and the  caption “We rush in , to get you out”.  We had also added the Lisbon Fire Department crest.  The backside had an image of a fireman exiting a burning building carrying a small child. The caption on this side was “Our mission is very clear, to be there for people when they need us.”