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Return Policy

The Fergus Falls Monument Company wishes to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.  We understand that circumstances arise where we are not able to fulfil the needs of every customer. Although we have a 100% guarantee on all of our completed products sometimes the customer would like to cancel before the product is complete, here is an explanation of the Fergus Falls Monument company policy if a cancellation notice is given.


Once order is written and signed in person or online.

Customer may cancel this order at any time before a down payment is made or a design is sent .  We understand circumstances come up where all parties of the family may not be ready to move forward with the order.  In addition we are aware that you may change your mind after the order is written.

Once the initial down payment is received:

The Fergus Falls Monument Company will start the process of making the memorial after a down payment is received.  If the order is canceled before the stone is complete a restocking fee will be assessed in one of 2 ways.

  1. In stock/ out of stock item: If an item is in stock or is a commonly stocked item there will be a 20% restocking fee, fee based on the total retail amount for the item(s)

  2. Custom order:  
    a.  Custom order: many individuals choose to have a memorial made in a custom shape for their family.  In this case the granite can take 120+ days to get shipped to the Fergus Falls Monument Company.   If at any time the order is canceled after the granite shape and size is determined and after a down payment is made, a 30% restocking fee will be assessed based on the retail amount of the item.

Once the design is approved:

Once the design is approved with our design department the Fergus Falls Monument Company may start working on the stone that day.  Because of the nature of our work, any work done on the stone is irreversible.  For that reason there will be NO REFUND if the order is canceled after the design approved.

Change order

Change of size:

Many times a customer may want to go larger or smaller with their monument after an order has been placed.  If the item is in stock no fee will be assessed.  If the item was out of stock there may be a 10% restocking fee.

Change of shape:   

A customer may change the shape of the memorial within 10 days of the initial order was placed with a down payment.  If it is after 10 days and is an in –stock item no charge will be assessed.  If it is an out of stock or custom item there will be a 20% restock fee.